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Hello Misfits

It’s not just for them
June 9, 2018
I’ve been reading the book “Blessed are the Misfits” by a radio host and average human named Brant Hansen. I’m glad to finally find out that I fit in somewhere, and quite pleased that it’s with the misfits of this world..
Hello fellow misfits! We don’t really seem to fit in particularly great in any environment. When I worked for larger companies in the corporate world, I found myself more joking around with the custodians rather than trying to work myself up the ladder into the corner offices. I’ve been fortunate to make a career out of television producing, even at a network level, and I think I’m an ok producer. Clients still call me, but I’m not good at “playing the game”, whatever “the game” is. I’ve always kind of felt my work should stand on it’s own, and if people have passed by me because they can “play the game”, well, then it shall be so.
Here I am now as Executive Director (I was given that title) of Five Stone Media, charged with growing an organization. And I don’t even have a 4 year degree, much less an MBA or something like that. But for some reason, some people, like my Board of Directors and fellow Five Stone Media founders, believe in me. Something about “God gave Steve the vision” and “passion goes a long way.” So, away we go. Got to raise funds and ask for financial partners, find volunteers, report to the Board, make new friends and partners and re-connect with old friends.
Somehow, we believe that God has a real purpose for the work we are doing. Until now, it’s been mostly volunteers. But now, it’s real. But, as I think about it, Jesus had a whole bunch of misfits following him around. 12 to be exact. He could have picked the smartest businessmen and church leaders of His day I suppose. But, instead, he went with Fishermen and Tax Collectors. And, as we move forward, it sort of makes sense, because the men and women we work with are all a bunch of misfits too. They might even be defined by the worst day of their lives, one bad day and are labeled for life.
That’s hard. That may be why Jesus told us to remember them. In fact, it’s sort of a directive found in Hebrews 13:3 “Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.” I want to do my best to respond to that call, because we run across a whole bunch of men and women who have been mistreated. So, thank you Brant Hansen for making it “OK” to be labeled a misfit. And if you too are one, it’s nice to meet you.
If you’d like to find out more about the work of Five Stone Media and our Lifeblood Video Curriculum, is the website, and my email address is
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson
Steve’s producing career specialized in both live and taped events, managing multiple projects simultaneously and developing innovative program and content concepts for clients ESPN, FOX Networks, Turner Broadcasting and others. After meeting John Turnipseed around the campfire, a passion for telling transformational stories of redemption was formed, and Five Stone Media was born. Steve and his wife Jennifer have four grown children, and enjoys the world of aviation and chasing race cars.

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