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10 Years in the Making

Holy Moments
July 2, 2018
Looking Back
August 1, 2018
The photos below may look to you simply as John Turnipseed speaking in one, and a prison picture in the other. It is indeed John speaking at a state prison in Texas, the Lindsey Unit, to a group of about 100 men. But, here is the rest of that story. It is thousands of volunteer hours over ten years that allowed us to share in this moment. .

Ten years ago, Five Stone Media was formed to tell John’s story. And out of that relationship, the Lifeblood Video Curriculum was born. God led us to a ministry of Gateway Church in Dallas and a partnership with volunteers that share our heartbeat. That group began facilitating Lifeblood just under a year ago, so the men in this picture were all familiar with John when he recently walked in the door.
Hearing John Turnipseed tell his story to this group of men was a powerful moment. But it didn’t happen without the relationships that have been built over the years. and none of it would happen without God opening some GIANT-SIZED doors for us.
And to take this one step further, the warden showed us great favor and allowed me to bring my video camera and capture this moment. HERE is the link to that wonderful evening;
If you’d like to find out more about the work of Five Stone Media and our Lifeblood Video Curriculum, is the website, and my email address is
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson
Steve’s producing career specialized in both live and taped events, managing multiple projects simultaneously and developing innovative program and content concepts for clients ESPN, FOX Networks, Turner Broadcasting and others. After meeting John Turnipseed around the campfire, a passion for telling transformational stories of redemption was formed, and Five Stone Media was born. Steve and his wife Jennifer have four grown children, and enjoys the world of aviation and chasing race cars.

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