Our Mission

Our mission is based on 4 words. We use STORY to bring HOPE and HEALING for those in need of CHANGE.

The Five Stone Story

F ive Stone Media was founded as a Christian 501c3 in 2007, starting with the stories of the remarkable transformation of former gang leader, pimp and drug dealer John Turnipseed. John’s story, along with several others, formed the Lifeblood video series for men and women that led us into jails and prisons around the country beginning in 2015. A foundational phrase from the Lifeblood series says that hope is the lifeblood of change. The idea of LifeSupport came about as we got to know men and women in prison, where we discovered that stories of shared experiences resonated with the end user to the extent that they were able to engage in deep conversations with each other after watching the videos.

Those relationships and shared stories ignited hope for each other, hope that helped them see God’s work in their lives and a new path forward. Those men and women also shared a common theme with each other. Before engaging in criminal activity, they were a victim of trauma in their lives. LifeSupport was birthed as a video collection to help equip the church Body, family, and friends to walk alongside those who are experiencing trauma or mental health issues.


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