The Life Blood Curriculum


Powerful video lessons and interactive discussion sessions compose this progressive, 12-part program. Each lesson introduces a theme essential for true life change through the powerful storytelling of former inmates who achieved total transformation.

Each Lesson contains a measurable objective, pre-teaching activity, video lesson, group discussion and follow-up assessment. Participant feedback and assessment tools are designed to allow facilitators to identify where change is taking place and where more time is needed.

How it Works

The comprehensive Facilitators Guide will enable your Lifeblood Facilitator to guide participants though the specific lesson plan provided for each session of the curriculum. The course includes 9 theme-centered sessions and 3 video-centered sessions  Each session will run approximately 1.5 hours depending on the number of participants.

The flow of the curriculum leads participants through three sessions of theme-centered content & discussion followed by a viewing session featuring one of the Turnipseed short films that are used to reinforce the content discussed in the previous three sessions. The Lifeblood curriculum is strategically designed to create the greatest impact for the participants while empowering any volunteer facilitator.


Unit A

SESSION 1: Family
SESSION 2: Influence

SESSION 4: Turnipseed Short Film - "Turnipseed"
Unit B

SESSION 5: Power
SESSION 6: Self-Reliance

SESSION 7: Second Chances
SESSION 8: Turnipseed Short Film - "Second Chances"
Unit C

SESSION 9: Loyalty
SESSION 10: Do The Right Thing

SESSION 11: Transformation
SESSION 12: Turnipseed Short Film: "Legacy"

What You'll Need

There is no magic formula for life change. We sincerely wish there were. But what we do know is this. We’ve assembled the Lifeblood Curriculum and Facilitators Guide to help you help them put these key pieces of their lives into place and find hope in their futures. If your participants can get a handle on these nine areas of their lives, they will be well on their way.

We believe in God’s healing, redemptive power to transform any heart; that is why we created this curriculum. May God bless you for your willingness to open your hearts and free up your time; we could not fulfill our mission without you.

Check List

  • Staff or Volunteer Facilitator
  • Lifeblood Facilitators Guide
  • Lifeblood Curriculum Kit
  • TV or Projector with Sound & DVD Player
  • Room or Meeting Area for 8-12 Participants
  • 1.5 Hour Meeting Time per Session
  • ·Journaling is a valuable supplement to the course sessions.  We suggest that participants bring their own private notebook.

Curriculum Trailers


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