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John Turnipseed is a former gang leader, pimp and drug dealer, who spent his childhood battling demons brought on by a volatile, abusive Father in a 20 year journey. John has transformed into a community leader, pastor, speaker, and serves as the Executive Vice President of Urban Ventures Leadership Foundation, a non-profit set in the heart of the same Minneapolis, Minnesota gang territory that John and his family terrorized.

John’s life-changing turnaround fueled his passion for rebuilding relationships between fathers and their families. Starring accomplished actor Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. as John Turnipseed, the Turnipseed Trilogy explores first the relationship between John and his Father, then what John did with his "Second Chance". And finally, the relationship between John and his own son, as he defines his "Legacy".

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Behind the Scenes

The Turnipseed Trilogy was created by a dedicated team of people who are passionate about sharing the story of God's redemption and grace through the life of John Turnipseed. This video gives you an inside look into their creative process and all that went into the production of these extraordinary films.


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